NEXTCOMP.NET is a great solution for managing our global market pricing. We were using a combination of custom spreadsheets and databases developed internally. Now we can share the results of our market pricing globally. Staff training took less than an hour.
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NEXTCOMP.NET is a powerful, web-based software application designed to simplify market pricing.

Why should I use NEXTCOMP.NET?
NEXTCOMP.NET simplifies market pricing, improves the accuracy of your compensation analysis, and automates many of the processes in the annual market pricing cycle.

What is the cost of NEXTCOMP.NET?
The price is based primarily on the the number of salary surveys you will upload and starts as low as $4,500 for an annual subscription. This is the equivalent of $375 a month.

What is a user account?
User accounts are the number of people who will have access to NEXTCOMP.NET. You can add as many users as you need. There's no extra charge.

Is the subscription fee the same in year one and subsequent years?

Is the subscription fee the only cost?
Yes. The subscription includes setup and training.

Can I use NEXTCOMP.NET to evaluate global comp?
Yes. As long as you import the right survey data, you can conduct any analyses you'd like. You're in charge. NEXTCOMP.NET even supports global currency symbols, making it even easier to support global comp.

Will you train us, and help upload survey data?
Yes. It's included as part of the subscription fee. If we need to travel to your location for training, we'll charge travel related costs only. Our goal is to get you up and running quickly and stress-free.

Can I load my own survey data?
Yes, you can load your own survey data by using the survey data import template. It's not technically difficult, but it does take some time to export data from the survey publishers' electronic version (usually accessed from their website) and then copy that data into the NEXTCOMP.NET template.

Can I automatically update my market analysis each year?
Yes! NEXTCOMP.NET has a Wizard that will walk you through the process of updating market data as the survey publisher releases new survey data, or you can have us update the analysis for you.

Can I track multiple years of market data?
Yes. You can track multiple years of data by using the Pay Plans feature.

Can I track multiple years worth of survey data?
Yes. You can track as many years worth of data as required by your organization.

How do I update my analysis when we implement a new pay plan?
There is a Wizard that walks you through the process implementing a new pay plan. It's simple, fast and easy to do!

What if we use market ranges for each job and not a salary structure?
Not a problem! We have several users that have a true market-based pay plan, with each job having its own market range. Whether you have a formal salary structure or a market based pay plan, NEXTCOMP.NET can make your market pricing process more efficient and effective!

Can I evaluate total cash, including options, incentives and restricted stock?
Yes, you can analyze base pay, short-term variable pay, total annual cash compensation, long-term incentives and and total direct compensation!

Can I evaluate executive compensation levels with NEXTCOMP.NET?

What type of reports can I produce?
You can produce a wide variety of standard reports. You can also create a range of customized reports simply and quickly. We will train you on how to create the reports that work for your organization.
Which Internet browsers work with NEXTCOMP.NET?
We've thoroughly tested NEXTCOMP.NET using Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11, and the latest versions of Safari and Chrome. NEXTCOMP.NET even works on mobile Safari on the iPhone and iPad.

Some of the best loved companies in the world use NEXTCOMP.NET

This is a partial list of current NEXTCOMP.NET subscribers.

  • Avera Health
  • BECU (Boeing Employees' Credit Union)
  • Concur
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  • Harvard University
  • Nintendo Of America
  • Port of Seattle

Organizations in health care, financial services, high technology, entertainment, research and development, higher education and other major industries are utilizing NEXTCOMP.NET to simplify market pricing.