NEXTCOMP.NET is amazing! In one week, we accomplished a market pricing project that used to take five weeks.
Boeing Employees Credit Union
As consultants, we saw many of our clients struggling with the same issue again and again. They put long hours into comparing different salary surveys to determine the right compensation levels for every job in the organization. Then they repeated the same painful process every year.

By compensation professionals

The process was too complex and time-consuming. And that's what drove us to develop this unique program.

NEXTCOMP.NET simplifies the process, while providing more accuracy and greater confidence that you are setting compensation at the right levels. Simply and easily.

We also knew that there were other software tools out there. None are as affordable and easy to use as NEXTCOMP.NET.

for compensation professionals

Market pricing simplified. Quickly accomplish these tasks.
  • Price a new job
  • Price a changed job
  • Provide high-quality standard and customized reports of market data comparisons
  • Create custom analyses of market data
  • Compare your organization's pay practices to the market at several levels of detail (an employee, job, job family, entire organization)
  • Update your market analysis each year
  • Provide justification for pay changes using market data as a foundation
  • This is just a sample of the tasks that you can automate with NEXTCOMP.NET.

Setup Process
  • Create new account
  • Identify survey providers/sources
  • Gather survey data via website, CD, or other means
  • Identify the survey data fields for loading from each provider/source
  • Copy the data and survey job summaries from the source file(s) and paste it into the survey data loading template
  • Load survey data, including the survey job summaries using the Survey Data loading wizard
  • Load internal job and employee data using the My Organization data loading wizard
  • Match internal jobs to the survey jobs using the Match Import wizard
  • Conduct training